A Glimpse into 2023

2 min readApr 2, 2023

As the market embraces tokenisation, more businesses and individuals discover its transformative power. DComm has recently made remarkable advancements in this domain, from transitioning TestNet to forging groundbreaking partnerships and pioneering innovative solutions.

This blog explores DComm’s recent accomplishments and thrilling plans for the future.

The Journey from Melbourne TestNet to Gold Coast: DComm has triumphantly progressed from the Melbourne TestNet, where the founders initially envisioned DComm, to Gold Coast. This milestone signifies the evolution of our TestNet, now available to our growing community.

Discover more about this transition at https://dcomm-official.medium.com/melbourne-evolves-into-gold-coast-a-beacon-of-decentralisation-a895bcbba3f2.

Collaboration with EnviroCoin: DComm is elated to announce a collaboration with EnviroCoin, a trailblazer in constructing decentralised infrastructure for Carbon and ESG credits. This alliance will empower our web3 clients to access their ground breaking solutions, simplifying participation in the creation, governance, validation, trade, and utility of these vital credits. Dedicated to fostering sustainable practices, this partnership aligns seamlessly with our mission to create a better world. We eagerly anticipate joining forces to effect positive environmental change and promote sustainable development. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more information on this partnership!

Emergence2023 Showcase: At Emergence2023, our Founder, Brett Endersby, captivated audiences with an enlightening 8-minute presentation on tokenisation and DComm’s readiness to capitalise on an estimated $10.75 billion industry by 2030. View the presentation here https://youtu.be/AKiAGPW4jkA

Hackathon Triumph: Spearheaded by Durgesh, our hackathon has proven to be a success, with over 30 meetings dedicated to refining the intricate details. The event attracted numerous participants and unveiled exceptional innovations. We’re dedicating an entire blog to our hackathon next month!

Acquisition of DC Two’s Infrastructure Assets: DComm’s subsidiary has strategically procured DC Two’s infrastructure assets for $3 million in cash. This acquisition will catalyse the expansion of our tokenisation endeavours via DComm Blockchain. Incorporating DC Two’s modular data centre business will enable us to pursue fresh growth opportunities and solidify our status as a web 3.0 technology and tokenisation leader.This acquisition equips DComm to establish a distinct technology offering and advance its growth objectives. By acquiring DC Two’s non-core infrastructure assets, we can expand our capabilities and bolster our existing web 3.0 technology portfolio.

As we venture into April, DComm is preparing for an exhilarating Webinar on Tuesday, the 4th of April, where we will reveal the progress of a comprehensive overview of DCM’s Growth Programs! You can find out more information on our socials. Stay tuned for more updates and breakthroughs as DComm revolutionises the tokenisation and sustainability landscape!

Until next time, stay connected, stay informed, and stay inspired.




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