Crafting the golden blockchain, the act of teamwork

2 min readNov 25, 2022


The real-world and the digital world are on a path of intersection. DComm just happens to be parked at that intersection point.
-Gareth Beesley, DComm Blockchain CEO

Fast forward to 100+ independent investors, 66 Decentralised Validators with 3m USD in value staked by an amazing community.

🔑 The CORE
DComm’s mission is to be the blockchain upon which real-world assets can be ‘tokenised’. Supplemented with the platform, and core components, to support this initiative utilising applications, services, APIs, partnerships and an open source library of knowledge.

🎯 The GOAL
The goal of tokenisation is to make the process more efficient and cost-effective. With this method, all transactions are recorded in the blockchain, so there’s no need for additional intermediaries. Once an asset has been tokenised, it can be bought and sold with ease on the blockchain without ever having to go through any third party like a broker or exchange house.

By implementing an advanced layer of services on the blockchain we reduce costs, increase accessibility and save time. The blockchain has three systems all controlling different tasks, others only have one. The services are open and pre-built out of the box for teams to use immediately.

6 Solar farms
4 Established blockchain companies
1 Renewable energy data centre
1 Renewable energy crypto mining pool
1 Carbon credit platform

DComm built its entire blockchain before even one public word was spoken.
Action First, Words Later!

⚡️ The FUTURE — 2023
Quarter 1: MainNet Launch
Quarter 1/2: Case study and use cases in asset tokenisation across the globe
Quarter 1/2: $DCM Listing

4 Days: Ambassador program fully subscribed
100+ : Independent investors
66: Decentralised validators
3 Million USD: Total value staked

DComm is a group of highly motivated, ever-growing individuals. People from every corner of the globe. Individuals who make up a community — the Decentralised Community of DComm.

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As always have an exceptional weekend all 🙌🏻

Gareth Beesley
DComm Blockchain CEO




DComm: Real-world Assets, Tokenized, Structured, and Supported.