DComm — by the numbers

2 min readOct 21, 2022

32 — The number of incredible DComm Team Members

121 — The days since DComm was created

1 — One Melbourne TestNet Deployed

31 — DComm Ambassadors, locked, loaded, committed, and moving DComm forward.

7 — Days taken to fully allocate all Ambassador positions

5 — Continents where DComm has Ambassadors originating from

1,398,804 — DCM Coin purchased by Ambassadors to join the DComm family.

48 — Number of fully decentralised Validators running on Melbourne TestNet

1,917,942 — DCM Coins staked in Primary Validators on the Melbourne TestNet

47 — How many investors have joined DComm

10 — Days taken to bring these Investors on board

2 — International Blockchain and Crypto Conventions attended

25 — The percentage of seed round funding allocated

11 — Number of key partnerships developed with DComm

5,578,105 — USD invested by DComm as self-funding, placing the action before the words.

3,929,180 — Total DCM Coins purchased by the DComm Investor, Ambassador and Validator Community.

♾️ The commitment the DComm Team has serving its community — Always, without waiver, in the face of any obstacle.

DComm is a group of highly motivated, ever-growing individuals. People from every corner of the globe. Individuals who make up a community — the Decentralised Community of DComm.

Read the official DComm Whitepaper here.

Gareth Beesley
DComm Blockchain CEO




DComm: Real-world Assets, Tokenized, Structured, and Supported.