DComm Tokenomics — Part 1

5 min readJan 5, 2024


Education on Concepts and DComm’s Approach

As we embark on this journey together, I want to delve deeper into a concept that is not just a buzzword but the very heartbeat of our cryptocurrency universe: Tokenomics.

It’s an intricate dance of supply, demand, distribution, and valuation of cryptocurrencies. But let’s not mistake it for mere numbers and charts; it’s the narrative of how our digital assets thrive in the dynamic world of blockchain.

At the core of The DComm Blockchain lies our steadfast ethos: Actions First, Words Later. This principle is deeply ingrained in our approach to the multifaceted world of $DCM (The DComm Blockchain Coin and Currency). We believe in a blend of technical prowess and the human element, recognizing that evolution is part of our nature. As we chart the course for DComm, we’re not just coding and calculating; we’re growing, learning, and evolving alongside our vibrant community.

In crafting the DComm way, we’ve woven together threads of evolution, community engagement, social strategy, and continuous growth. This holistic approach ensures that as the blockchain landscape changes, so too will our strategies and techniques, always keeping the human factor at the forefront. Our commitment to agility and growth through experiences is what sets $DCM apart. We’re not just building a cryptocurrency; we’re nurturing a living, breathing ecosystem that resonates with the collective heartbeat of our users.

So as we take this journey through the world of Tokenomics, remember, it’s more than just the mechanics of a currency. It’s about how we, as a community, adapt, evolve, and write our story in the grand ledger of blockchain history.

What Exactly is Tokenomics?

Imagine Tokenomics as the DNA of cryptocurrencies, a fusion of ‘token’ and ‘economics.’ It encompasses everything from the birth (issuance) of a cryptocurrency to its role and value in our digital world. It’s a complex narrative, yet essential for grasping the sustainable economic design of a token. In this vast ecosystem, each token tells its own story, contributing uniquely to the blockchain tapestry.

Understanding the Token

In the realm of blockchain, a token is akin to a versatile actor taking on multiple roles. Beyond being a mere digital currency, it serves as a pivotal player in security incentives, transaction fee payments, governance, and more. The journey of a token’s supply, intricately coded in its DNA, provides a window into its future and offers insights into its potential market performance.

At the heart of DComm lies a clear and distinct mission: The authentication of real-world assets. $DCM, in its entirety — how it’s used, distributed, issued, and maintained — is singularly focused on Asset Tokenization. This is our craft, our specialty. We may not claim to have all the answers, but we stand confidently as one of the few, if not the only, blockchains where this singular focus guides every decision. $DCM isn’t just a currency; it’s the backbone supporting the translation of tangible assets into the digital realm. This dedication to real-world asset authentication sets us apart, making our tokenomics not just a study of currency, but a blueprint for bridging the physical and digital worlds.

The Fascinating Features of Tokenomics in the World of DComm

Let’s explore the chapters of the Tokenomics story, blending the general principles with the specific, innovative approach of DComm:

  1. Issuance — Unity in Action: The magic of a new crypto’s birth is universally fascinating. For DComm, issuance is about community and collaboration, not competition. In our unique system, $DCM becomes available only when Validators work in unison towards our collective goal. By the end of 2024, less than 3% of $DCM will have been issued into circulation. This can only change to back an asset or towards the goal of asset tokenization.
  2. Supply Tales — A Calculated Journey: Every token narrates its own supply story. For $DCM, this narrative is designed never to reach full dilution. Close to half of all $DCM are permanently locked, accessible only through cooperative Validator actions. This intentional balance ensures that the supply supports our mission without overwhelming it.
  3. Distribution — Clarity and Purpose: The journey of $DCM distribution is one of conservatism and transparency. In 2024, 97% of all $DCM will not be distributed unless it directly supports asset tokenization. This strategic approach ensures that each $DCM serves our core purpose with precision.
  4. Burning — Evolving Stability: The concept of burning tokens is not new, but DComm’s approach is. With every asset-related transaction, a portion of $DCM is burnt. This process is complemented by regular burn committee meetings, ensuring stability and growth as we issue new assets.
  5. DeFi Incentives — Pioneering Collateral: The world of DeFi is set to be revolutionized with digital assets as collateral, and DComm is at the forefront. Every transaction of $DCM, be it a sale, purchase, lock, or stake, accelerates its Velocity, propelling the system forward.
  6. Utility — Impacting the Real World: $DCM’s utility goes beyond the blockchain. It plays a pivotal role in advancing renewable energy, issuing commodities, and ensuring transparency of power across the globe. By focusing on authenticating real-world assets, DComm lays the groundwork for blockchain to solve everyday problems efficiently and equitably.
  7. Technical Nuances — Community-Driven Growth: At the core of DComm’s technology is the principle of community-driven growth. As our technology roadmap evolves, this feature will become increasingly integral to our expansion and success.
  8. Velocity — The Essence of Movement: Introducing a new dimension to Tokenomics, Velocity is DComm’s unique element. It’s about how swiftly and voluminously $DCM moves within the ecosystem. Imagine a platform where even sunlight becomes a carrier of blockchain velocity. That’s not just a vision; it’s our current reality. Every day, our technology team works towards enhancing this velocity, making $DCM not just a currency, but a catalyst for dynamic movement and change.

Why Tokenomics Matters

In the world of traditional assets, valuation methods are clear-cut. But in the vibrant universe of crypto, each token is a unique story with its own economic and technical traits. As investors and enthusiasts, delving into the tokenomics of a cryptocurrency helps spot the gems in a sea of digital stones. We trust we will prove ourselves, through our actions, as one of the gems.

Final Thoughts

Tokenomics is not just a study; it’s an ongoing narrative, combining economics, game theory, market psychology, and more. As we navigate this fascinating world, understanding tokenomics is like having a compass in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies.

Stay tuned, as we continue this journey, unravelling the mysteries of tokenomics and steering our way towards a future where trust, transparency, and community reign supreme. This series will continue for the next few weeks as we work through what $DCM is and how it operates.

Gareth Beesley
DComm Blockchain CEO




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