Purpose and Intent

4 min readOct 14, 2022

Over the last few weeks, we have seen tremendous traction, action, and results across the board on DComm. From onboarding several new key roles, in marketing, growth and strategy, to rolling out Phase 1 of our brand.

However, we have spoken at length about being the blockchain of action, and it may surprise you to learn some of these unique points:

🎯 DComm fully built and deployed its own Blockchain, without so much as one promise being made — Action

🎯 Our team deployed a fully-fledged, highly interactive, cross chain, non-custodial wallet — Action

🎯 An incredibly well spec’ed online Explorer to research the platform, Asset, Action and Authority Chains, Validators and transactions is live — Action

🎯 The Melbourne TestNet is fully decentralised! What? Never? Indeed, it is, 36 Validators are live and 1,151,319 DCM is Staked. — Traction

🎯 We’ve raised over $1.1m USD in DCM Value sold — all before we even had our first public capital raise introduction — Traction

🎯 No less than five, well and truly established blockchain companies have partnered with DComm and added DComm into their Stack.

  • The first of which was announced this week as we released information on our partnership with https://zeeve.io — Traction

🎯 The first dApp is about to be released on DComm, a substantial deployment of transactions on our chain — Traction

If you haven’t heard of us before and ask — who is DComm, and, what will it achieve, keep the above in mind when you read the below. Since what you see above is done, we have already accomplished it, all without so much of a whisper of a promise.

What is the purpose of Dcomm

The World Economic Forum reports that blockchain has received incredible hype regarding its potential to create wide-reaching impact. Proponents project that is could account for as much as 10% of global GDP by 2025. (ref: Building Block(chain)s for a Better Planet, September 2018)

By in large, this leap forward of underlying asset value and GDP shift will come from the creation of platforms that are able to migrate the asset of the real and tangible onto blockchain. That, in of itself, is not necessarily the challenge, as a token can be created to represent just about anything. The challenges are much more intricate detail, from the asset itself, through to the function and form of the technology and how it “stands-up” on scale.

In order to absolutely ascertain the here and now, it is prerequisite to cast one’s mind eye far ahead and imagine the world as it would be, once adoption is at a prime. In doing so we can better prepare the planning phase, that yields a result over the long term.

Understanding the nature of this technology is being able to identify the attributes that will be required to manage the scale, yet to do so by maintaining speed, efficiency and cost. Additionally the future will be one of collaboration and the walls of the silos will need to come down in order to achieve the economic goals predicted.

We then find that there are some main themes that become apparent, and those are:

  • Tokenisation as a concept
  • Blockchain Technology as a 3rd Generation
  • Unlimited ability to scale
  • Accessibility is key, since this new phase of real-world asset tokenisation will replace old-world traditions.
  • The next generation of crypto will be backed by assets in the real-world
  • Technology will need to evolve to be sustainable and green.

The purpose therefore, of DComm Blockchain, is;

  • The provision of a 3rd Generation Blockchain, able to scale unhindered by congestion whilst maintaining its integrity even under the weight of mass adoption.
  • Provide an inherent layer of accessible services and components that would allow easy and scalable adoption of the platform.
  • Containing the necessary processes and protocols that cater for the complexities of how real-world assets will need to interact with the technology.

I’ll leave you with this though, we are clear on our Action and Traction, and the Purpose is even clearer:

DComm is a carefully engineered blend of an asset backed blockchain, an incredibly advanced platform and forward thinking, robust set of core components and services. All of which have been designed to arrive at the outcome of Real-World Asset Tokenisation.

The legacy DComm will leave, besides for exceptional technology and business, will be one of Actions Done, and only then, words spoken.

Read the official DComm Whitepaper here.

Gareth Beesley
DComm Blockchain CEO




DComm: Real-world Assets, Tokenized, Structured, and Supported.