The Eternal Sunshine of Perfect Planning

3 min readNov 4, 2022

Meticulous detail, steadfast resolve and a single-minded approach best describe how the DComm team operates.

When the journey’s first step was made, the team agreed it would be one of actions taken, then words spoken. As with everything in life though, the tenacity to see it through separates the would-be’s from the have-done’s. (fairly certain “have-done’s” is not a thing… Until now)

In keeping with that approach the marketing team, headed up by Imran and Durgesh have been ploughing away, day and night. Fine tuning the DComm machine, tweaking each setting, and managing to get every last ounce out of it.

For a reference point — exactly one month ago Imran and Durgesh joined and this is what the hard yards did look like as a result. Yes, one month, you read that right.

Plans Done — Gear Up, November is going to be incredible.

Developer Community — Hackathon and Growth

From the 15th November onwards an incredible new journey will start, where DComm will be reaching out into its Developer Community. By providing the toolsets, skills, resources, knowledge and know-how to assist and engage with developers across our partnerships we will be offering a once in a lifetime opportunity.

🎯 The structure — Applications open to build on DComm
🎯 The process — Twenty will get the green light to build on DComm
🎯 The Grand Prize — A DComm Validator for life

Ambassadors — Next Level Up in November

A brand new category has been created for an incredible opportunity to become part of the DComm Team. By means of the sheer weight of enthusiasm across our current Ambassadors, Validators and Investors a new combined category is now available.

🎯 The structure — Form part of the DComm Team across all social platforms
🎯 The process — DComm will leverage its network to grow the networks of those involved
🎯 The Grand Prize — Everyone who qualifies is set for a double up of rewards, as well as being the first to be invited to MainNet.

Events — Tis the season

The team has setup no fewer than three in person events, and two key new collaborations mean DComm is going to be ending off 2022 in style.

📌 The Gold Coast — Friday 11th November
Investors, Partners, Ambassadors, and Team Members are getting together to celebrate and meet up, where the first announcements of the level up Ambassadors will be made.

📌 Sydney — 1st/2nd December 2022
For our New South Wales crew, we are heading your way, connecting with our partners, hosting an investor focus group, as well as meeting new potential partners to build on DComm.

📌 Singapore — 6th/7th December 2022
To round off our Q4 of a truly international calendar is our partnership and investor focus event in Singapore.

DComm Education

An incredibly carefully planned internal growth strategy kicks off in November, and you can expect to be part of:

DComm Blockchain Education Series Kick Off — A monthly series hosted by none other than our own Dr Ravi, and supported by yours truly.

Finally, as we round off 2022, the technology team is working towards a publication of what we will be calling “A very Happy New Year” as we unveil the core of DComm — The Blockchain Development Roadmap.

Next week will be a treat as we will dig deep into our Infrastructure progress, and outline exactly what that means to DComm, DCM and the evolution of tokenisation.

Whitepaper is officially out and can be found here.

Have an incredible weekend all,

Gareth Beesley
DComm Blockchain CEO




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